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Saint Michael Reviews V For Vendetta

17 March 2006 No Comment

All I have to say is for one day and one day only get out of your house and see this movie, it is freakn sweet.  Basically its a movie about revenge thus title V for vendetta, against a Nazi Like government in england in a future where the US has gone the way of the dodo among other things and everything like books, art ,music are illegal and punishment is death.

Hugo weaving played the main character awesome unlike Porton who did sub par acting job IMO she seems so robotic in her acting.  The Wachowski brothers pulled this off excellent the right amount of action with the right amount of dialogue as well.  The movie is about 2 hours and some change and they used every bit of it to make the story go smoothly and excellent as well. not to fast and not to slow with the right amount of comedy and the right amount of sadness and some other feelings.  I see this movie banking at least 100 million dollares or more heck i might see it one more time just for kicks

SO CHECK IT OUT!!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

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