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[14 Oct 2006 | No Comment | ]

Just got back from the movies and I just saw the Grudge 2, the sequel to the Grudge and and the American version of Ju-on.
All I have to say is WOW!!!!
Without given away to much this movie surpasses even the first one and the japanese version although I don’t recollect seeing the Ju-on 2 might have to look that up. Although if anyone has seen all 5 movies of Ringu (Japanese Version of the Ring) They might turn it into a virus or something.

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[13 Oct 2006 | No Comment | ]

I thought I toss in a review for this game since I am in my second day of playing. Basically it’s a suped up version of MK Trilogies. Got the whole cast as playable characters and what not. The got rid of alot ground combo’s although I havn’t played every character yet. But you have to time your hits to get them in the air nad be able to do air combo’s yeah!!! .

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