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City By Night Vector Tutorial

18 June 2007 No Comment

City at Night Tutorial

This tutorial is based on the wallpaper I design, you will need the following brushes to accomplish this tutorial or other designs like it. As note that a lot of layers will be moved around during the course of this tutorial and I will let you know as such.

Download brushes here
Small note on the brushes I did not create them I am justing packaging them so people don’t have to spend hours looking for them.
Step 1: Open up a new document and since we are going for a desktop wallpaper the size will be 1024×768. Now select the gradient tool with the follow colors:


Then fill in your first layer with the blue at the bottom and black at the top like so.

Step 2: Create a new layer and then grab your city vector brush set (make sure you color is set to black) and then adjust the size so you have more night sky and a small city background.

Step 3: Create another new layer and drag that new layer under need the black city layer. Now using the same city brush set set the color to white and then make the brush set a few pixels bigger then above layer. Now when you brush your white city landscape make sure to off set it to give a little depth.

Step 4: Now for a bit more depth change the color to black and then create a new layer and then grab your tree vector set and add some trees in different sizes. Then drag that layer between the white and black city landscape layers.

Step 5: The number of layers is up to the users, but I chose four layers for this next step; now using star, moon, galaxy vector brush sets create your night sky and for some extra added depth and lighting trying different layer settings and filters. For extra effect I added in some people vectors through the out city background as well.

Step 6: Although this option I though I needed to fill it in a bit, so choosing some colors that could standout a bit but able to blend well (for the most part). So if you want complete this step, create three layers, which each layers is for 1 color, With this you be able to can do some offsetting for more added depth. Now grab whatever vector brushes you want and design away.

Step 7: Now to add text, for this you want something simple yet elegant. So add in your text and for a special effect copy the text 2 more times and with each text choose a color that you use for your vector brushing in step 6. Now add a border and your are done with a cool vector wallpaper.

Bonus step: To really out the city lights create a new layer, apply image, then Gaussian blur and set it to lighten.

And that it, this is a basic tutorial and how to set up some greate vector designs from wallpapers, desktops and even website layouts.

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