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Flame On! Saint Michael Reviews Fantastic Four 2: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

22 June 2007 No Comment

Well I finally seen this movie after it’s second week out ( I think ), I will put it like this my review is going to be rather short because it was just like the first one. Once the movie got going it was over, it needed more background story especially on the Silver Surfer and who he was working for. Of course if you ever read the comics and the first cartoon that came out for the Fantastic Four you will realize who it is that the Silver Surfer is working for. The only saving grave for this movie really was that there was more action then the first one, however, I smell a third movie don’t ask me how I just do and it will just 3 times as bad.

The way I figure that if they added another 30-45 minutes worth of background and some filler, then I would consider both movies ot be good, lets not forget that Stan Lee likes to make appearances in his movies and this time he sticks with his real name, so its not really a spoiler I am giving out since it is obvious info about most the marvel movies he has produce. If your a marvel movies fan then go ahead and see it, but not at the regular ticket price just not worth the $7.25 ( I paid that) when there are better movies out.

For me though I think these are the two movies I won’t get on DVD until they are like $10, although I have every marvel movie that has come out (still need to get Ghost Rider). Maybe I get a used copy or something or when they do a double pack maybe then I will get it, cause then I save myself few dollars.

Overall I give this movie 6.5/10 for the most part it was ok but needs a lot more work in all area’s.

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