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Live Free Or Die Hard Review

27 June 2007 No Comment

Well I just got back from seeing the 4th movie of the Die Hard franchise; I would say this movie franchise has had a good run, wasn’t to keen on number Die Hard 2. However, I think everyone felt the same way as I did when I watch it. I would have had this review up sooner, but I had this nasty headache I needed to get rid of, and so here I am biggrin.gif.

Well to start off I would say this is the first movie that really toned down on the violence and swearing in the sense that if you compared this movie to the first one; the first one was more violent then this one. Bruce has done a good as always with the John McClane character and I would say that this movie was fitting for hopefully the final movie of a regular street cop turned hero

When looking through cast list, I would say most of them did a pretty good job, especially Tim Russ (Tuvok from Star Trek), man talk about a man who aged (lol). Kevin Smith did good as well and of course the girl who played Lucy (and no the original lucy did not play here).

I have been a big Bruce Willis fan since the 80’s including his tv run (Honey Mooners I believe was the name), so if your a big fan of the man and the franchise check it out. It had it’s comedy, action and of course John McClane famous words first spoke in Die Hard I; you know the words since I can’t say him here.

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