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Motley Crue Sig Tutorial

23 June 2007 No Comment

Motley Crue Sig Tutorial

Step 1:
Create your canvas wit hthese settings 420×120, then fill it in with black.

Step 2: Grab a Motley Crue Stock photo and place it on the sig, then adjust the image so everyone will fit on the sig but still be big enough for some detail.

Step 3: Create 5 copies of your stock photo and then de-select those layers to be used at another time (if need be).

Step 4: Next grab your smudge tool (X brush) and set it 85% strength and then the brush size at 25. As for smudge setting keep them at default as well want the border to be smooth. Now smudge around there heads just enough to set up the smudging for the next few layers.

Step 5: Now press ctrl + u, then click on colorize and set saturation down to -100 to make it look black and white.

Step 6: Now grab C4d Render that looks something like this

and then set it to soft light and then press ctrl + u, then click on colorize and set saturation down to -100 once again.

Step 7: Select your first duplicate layer and this time smudge around their heads again but this time set the strength at 90% and then set it to lighten.

Step 8: Now to adjust some layers around; the layer you just did in step 7 move it on top of the first smudge layer you use.

Step 9: Create a New layer then apply image, now go to filter > render > lighting effects then use the following settings:

This will be your result

Step 10: Now create a new layer and select a soft brush at 200 px and select the following color #0a85b3, brush in the center enough to made it look thick at the bottom but fade out towards the top. Then set the opacity at 90% and at soft light.

Step 11: Create another new layer but this time set your brush size to 150 and use #FFFFFF and brush a few pixels with in your first brush layer and then set it to soft light.

Step 12: Now go to layer > adjustment layer > gradient map and choose a soft light colors for your gradient then press ok.

Step 13: Now go to layer > adjustment layer > brightness/contrast and use the following settings

Brightness +61
Contrast -26

Step 14: layer > adjustment layer > exposure and use the following settings:

Exposure +1.90
Offset -0.0098
Gamma Correction: 0.79

Step 15: Create a New layer then apply image and this time use the spatter brush and smudge around their heads once again and set it to overlay using the following settings:

Step 16: Now create a new layer and fill it with any color you want then go to filter > render > lens flare and then put it near the center bottom using the following settings:

105mm Prime
Brightness 131%

Then set it to screen and Opacity at 75%

Step 17: Create a new layer and select the following gradient colors


Then set it to saturation at 75%

Step 18: Now add some text and a border and you are complete thus you created a Motley Crue Sig.

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