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Sorry for slight delay in my next review just getting over a nasty cold, I would say I am about 85-90% rid of it. So tonight or tomorrow depending what time you read this, I will be reviewing one of the best beat up games during the prime of old school arcade games. In which I introduce a new title called “Grand Daddy”, which basically means that this game lead the way in it’s genre of arcade games, in which Final Fighter will be the first.

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1985 would be the biggest year of any game designer; however, it would take a Russian Scientist by the name of Alexey Pajitnov to spark one of the biggest franchise in gaming history. In terms of copyright problems to hundreds of spin-offs from the original game this 22 year franchise even rivals the great Mario Bro’s in terms of popularity and of course it’s clone. I only mere 4 year old back then and never really looked at a video game except for the Atari system, but off course that …

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This is a personal story in which Devra Davis reflects about the killer smog in her home town of Denora Pennsylvania during the last week of October of 1948. In just three days this smog would change the lives of everyone who lived there, especially those who survived the aftermath.
Which included the 40 years of researching and talking to people to find out what happen on that tragic day and why the cover up. However, what really made this story interesting is that Devra Davis compared this tragedy with the …

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All I have to say is, if this movie opened up on the weekend, it would bring in MILLIONS AND I MEAN MILLIONS of dollars They did everything right with this movie, the cast was perfect; even the lesser known actors and actresses did an excellent job. The voice acting for the transformers was pure perfection (they had subtitles ), props to Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime) Hugo Weaving (Megatron) they really hit the voices with this, especially with the robotic sound to it. After doing a …