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[25 Dec 2007 | One Comment | ]

Well I thought I kick in one more package of add-ons for the firefox browser for 2007; although some of these should have been in my last topic since most of them are google related, or rather google search engine related. Before we go into this last batch of add-ons here are the links to my previous topics on the different dream packages worth of google add-ons for you firefox users to use.
Dream Package #1
Dream Package #2
Dream Package #3
Dream Package #4

( function() {
if (window.CHITIKA …

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[19 Dec 2007 | No Comment | ]

Surprise they didn’t make a larger list by a few thousands anyways here we go.
20. DriveSpace
For you experienced Windows 95 users might remember this device as it was used as a compression agent, but if you like me and barely remember windows 95 then yeah this is meaningless feature.
19. Windows Movie Maker
I seen it maybe open it once or twice but I never really use it, but from the description it was just as worthless as well. A phrase comes to mind companies build something they think we want …

Firefox, Software »

[10 Dec 2007 | One Comment | ]

Well I thought I take in another round of firefox extensions that can be used by anyone, and with the batch I have today it is a mix of web designers, google users, and people who like to count and know how much space firefox takes up. So before I get going on the new stuff I thought I toss up the links to the previous Firefox Extension Dream Package Topics for a nice little package deal for you the firefox user.
Dream Package #1
Dream Package #2
Dream Package #3
Also I like …

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[5 Dec 2007 | No Comment | ]

Well I thought I try out the movie Superbad, and I have to say I should have seen this in the theaters. The thing I did notice that its just like American Pie in the sense that a bunch of guys going to get laid before getting out of high school, but thats where it ends right there. We got drunk girls, fake ID’s, fights, cops, guns, and even 70s music.
I say for the most part the scene’s with the cops and Mclovin (fake ID) were the best parts, although …