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The 20 Worst Windows Features Of All Time

19 December 2007 No Comment

Surprise they didn’t make a larger list by a few thousands laugh.gif anyways here we go.

20. DriveSpace

For you experienced Windows 95 users might remember this device as it was used as a compression agent, but if you like me and barely remember windows 95 then yeah this is meaningless feature.

19. Windows Movie Maker

I seen it maybe open it once or twice but I never really use it, but from the description it was just as worthless as well. A phrase comes to mind companies build something they think we want but in reality we don’t and want something else.

18. Web TV for Windows

Again if you remember this thumbs up to you.

17. Shut Down

Finally something I can talk about as the stories about the shutdown of windows is legendary in the tech world, and I have run though this problem on various computer systems with the need to do a hard reset to fix it. Of course I have laugh at the fact if you read the article on the different ways to shutdown windows you would want to actually smack the guy who thought this would be convenient to the users. However, since I been on this computer (Dell XPS) I haven’t had any problems with the shutdown, of course I put it into standby mode every time, it only gets shutdown when my niece uses it. Although its all about the memory that has to be dumped and the processes that have to be closed in order for you computer to be shutdown, and so before you even close down your computer close the processes that you never use, clean up your RAM and then shut down. Of course thats like one of about a few million ways to fix that problem.

16. Paint

I wouldn’t call it the worse feature I call it the most pointless feature, and yeah like they mention in the article the last time they update this program was when it first came out laugh.gif, thank god for companies such as a adobe and macromedia that make great graphics software or we be in some serious trouble here.

15. Windows Aero

Yeah I let you know how it works out once I get a graphics card that can run the aero GUI even though the motherboard is vista compatible, I think they meant that vista could run on it with no problems. Well hopefully somewhere they talk about the resource hog known as vista, and the compatibility issues, and other wonderful stuff; however, I have no big problems with Vista since I don’t spend enough time to screw it up.

14. Active Desktop

Heck I never really knew how to get that working right, and so again if you got this to work for you thumbs up again.

13. Windows XP Search

Lets just say Vista Search engine came at a price and eating your hard drive up to make it 100 times better then XP, and of course it gets bad if you have like millions of files that have the same file type. I rarely used I created so many folders on my desktop over time, that if I didn’t delete anything I would have no room.

12. The Microsoft Network

I never used MSN 1.0 although I used there ISP for like 3-4 months while in the army. Thank the computer gods for making ISP’s and the internet better.

11. Windows Explorer

I Think I used this maybe a handful of times just to learn what was in a computer and thats it.

10. Windows 95 USB

Yeah you let us know how that worked out, and from the description in the article it would be a close tie with Windows ME.

9. Windows Genuine Advantage

I can verify that one as I got a Professional edition Word 2003 and they are saying my is bad, although I do have it installed on another computer and so yeah dumb me for not removing it. Although it still works I just can’t update and patch it which yeah is a bad thing, somewhat.

8. End Task

If people claim they never had this experience they are lying to you and right in your face because everyone experience this little problem or rather big problem depending how long it takes for this screen to disappear and the process or program that came with it is finally close.

7. User Access Control

Vista UAC need I say more I had a a few run in when trying to figure things out and had to turn it off, but will Microsoft fix this problem in SP1? Didn’t see anything so I doubt it.

6. Windows Update

For the most part they are referring to the pop up that comes every few seconds asking to restart your computer after a critical update has been installed, worst feature not really, annoying as hell? yes.

5. Messenger Service

No not the IM client, although I find it rather annoying that when they started producing new versions of MSN IM that getting rid of the old was horrible and completely getting rid of it would screw your system so bad that regret ever doing it in the first place. Although I think MSN 8. whatever finally fix that and actually completely updated the old msn 5.0. Well at least for the vista world we never EVER!! have to do deal with that again, but as pertaining to the service they are talking about never heard of it till now.

4. Notifications

Its more of an annoyance but I rather have that annoyance then spending hours trying to figure out whats wrong, although these get rather bad when trying to install hardware or USB devices and these come up ever 2 seconds.

3. Internet Explorer 6

Where to begin, hackers, coding standards, patches, security holes etc etc IE7 fix some of those problems and I say that very loosely.

2. The Registry

We all know the consequences of screwing with the registry and so its spot as number 2 is just right, of course if you looked ahead to see what number 1 was you disagree as I just did and put this at number 1. I think the problem is they didn’t make it user friendly and unless your a computer god who knows what your doing most advanced users never touch this.

Finally the number worst window feature, and sadly it isn’t Windows ME and we all know it should be in this list, and I can claim I really hate ME as I had to install it for my class had had a problem allocated hard drive space to get it going. Lets just the group I was in tried two different ideas to fix the problem that should have work but they didn’t, and so 45 minutes later, I think, we installed windows 2000 instead. Ok lets get to number 1

1. ActiveX Controls

Any horror story you heard about activeX is most likely true, but as for its position I put it in the bottom 20 not top 5.

Like I said this list would be about 10 times as long if everyone picked something they hate as a feature on Windows, Disk cleaner comes to mind, and so if you got a something that is a worse feature post it up and lets see what we get.



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