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Since I am taking LAN for a college course actually getting my hands dirty into networks and I thought I share some information and my thoughts about these networks that I have found and based on some general questions given to the students

1. How much distance can be covered?
2. What security issues are there?
3. How much traffic can it handle?
4. What was it originally designed for? (What problem was it designed to solve?)
5. Advantages/disadvantages?
6. What does the future hold for each?

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Well it has been a long time since I did an Old School review and I am bit shocked that I never did a review of this game or rather games under this awesome and very addicting game in which I spent countless hours dying and blowing through quarters so let us go through another review.

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You could say I was a bit surprise that this didn’t come to mind in terms of browsers mimicking others, even though you can theme to make them look like other browsers. Thus the reason for this topic and that is making firefox act like Chrome through a few plugins.

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