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Stress From Racism May Be Factor In High Black Infant Deaths – The Debate Hospital Racism

26 October 2008 No Comment

I had this assignment in my racism, ethnicity, gender and class course I am taking to give an analysis on an article that follows one of the many ism’s and I chose this one because it brough up a major issue once I did a little more looking. So read my view on this after reading the two articles and discuss this question that I bring up.

At first when I saw the title of this article I thought interesting, but once I started reading it and eventually read the comments posted by people on this article I was like “Come on! Really?” The article did not go into too many details as to why they came up to this theory or rather a farfetched theory. Granted, stress has been a major factor, and, or a concern when women are pregnant, but to tie racism in as a separate major idea then a small factor is way out there. Although they provided some statistics for the mortality rates, and after reading one of the insensitive comments about getting pregnant, the article didn’t provide any pregnancy rate statistics either and so it would be hard to make racism a major factor without looking at the other side of this page.
However, when Charmayne Lewis started talking about her story while she was pregnant it seems it could be possible that stress from racism could be possible. Of course, I did a little research into this and found another article about stress and African-American Children and this article really set the tone about the possibility that racism is a major factor in the infant mortality rate. Part of the article gave another example of the racism card played with a pregnant African-American, who had a college education and was financially stable, she was treated like she came off the street till she showed her insurance card and then the hospital staff treated her like she was royalty.

Even though, Charmayne Lewis did not give her full story in the article, it was stated in the first article that she is married; it would seem that regardless if you were financially set or married. The hospital staff and even people who see a pregnant black woman would instantly think that she got knocked up by one of the twenty men she slept with and is poor with Medicaid with no financial support. So it would seem that classism and racism are major factors in this stress and could become a major factor if the studies prove that racism is a cause of it.

So the question I bring to everyone is that do you agree or disagree with my statement and if so why? The next question is Has racism is the hospital system undermine the care for people who need it regardless if they are white, asian, black, latino etc?




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