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AJAX Cheat Sheets

30 January 2009 No Comment

Without AJAX I think we wouldn’t be able to do a lot with Web design these days or Web 2.0 wouldn’t be as successful or explosive as it is now. Of course, thanks to the development of jQuery, Mootools, Prototype and other JavaScript based scripts then web applications wouldn’t be as big and would require heavy use of PHP or even ASP in order to make some of them possible. So with the next set of cheat sheets I am providing are from those same scripts that help make AJAX possible and so you can download them from the following links.

JQuery Cheat Sheet

MooTools Cheat Sheet

Prototype Cheat Sheet

Scriptaculous Cheat Sheet

Ext JS Cheat Sheet

So check out these cheat sheets to get an idea what these AJAX frameworks are about and of course check out the various things you can do with by checking out this AJAX script site out.

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