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What Are We Afraid Of

19 January 2009 No Comment

There are many important dates in our American history like the signing of our Declaration of Independence, the end of the American Civil War and even when Alaska and Hawaii became the last two states to enter our union.  These historic events would almost become forgotten as a new date would enter our American history and forever change the world and bring everyone into a new war.  The war on terrorism has brought many changes to the world, especially in America as the new generation of American’s began to replace the older generations in running our country.  In the aftermath of 9/11 taking place, many American people are becoming suspicious and fearful of others because of the focus of politicians and the media on the possibility of terrorism.

Although the events of September 11th are in the past, those trying to get political control in America’s government still use that event as an excuse to either make unjust laws or try to further their agenda.  As American citizens it is our right to question those laws going into effect and see if they are constitutional or not.   However, it has gotten to the point that anything people say or do these days could get them in trouble and could brand them a terrorist.  With this happening around the country, this type of branding could damage someone’s good reputation of being a great community leader.  Even if the allegations of names being mentioned are false, people never forget and still assume that their community leader they trusted for so long, could still be a terrorist and harass them when they get the chance.

To help keep the fear alive and also the confusion, political leaders who are somewhat known to profit from this war on terrorism, merely give part of the information of where the attack could happen. They don’t know where it will happen or when, so they mention some of the big cities like New York City, Houston, and Miami.  As a result of only giving half of the information about the attacks either deliberately or not, creates a panic among the people working in those cities.  Then the people are forced to decide whether or not they should go to work, especially those who work in tall buildings or those who work next to a tall building.  Although most of the big corporate business won’t get affected as much in terms of money loss, it’s the small business that will get affected by these reports about possible terrorist attacks.  Due to the fact that the small business owner is relying on the customers either local or out of town, to purchase goods from them on a regular basis when they are open for business every day.  If that small business has no customers then the business owner will not make a profit and with that scenario a small domino effect could happen.  The worse case scenario would be that those small business owners would have to close the business if they don’t make the money they need to the run the store.

After the attacks of September 11th the emotions that everyone was feeling were high some people were still in shock while others were angry about what happened.  After the news was released that foreign nationals from the Middle East were the ones who completed these acts of terrorism, the consequences of those attacks lead into a backlash of hate crimes across America and Canada not seen since the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s.  In which people of Middle Eastern descent where harassed, beaten and even murdered as days and even weeks went by after the events of September 11th, in which confusion and fear turned into anger.  This anger over what happened also included the vandalizing and destruction of Mosque’s as well in several states.  However, reports came in that people of Mexican descent were also being harassed and attacked, due to the close resemblance of skin color with those of Middle Eastern descent.  Subsequently, as the result of these attacks, many people of Arab descent and those who even resemble Arab descent fear for their lives.  Even though these attacks diminished over time, the fear that anyone can do this either local or international still prays on our mind every time we watch the news and find out that an American is arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

Despite the fact that no one will forget what happen on September 11, 2001, using it as a way to gain political control by using the fears of the average American citizen is not the right way to gain political influence in the United States.  As an average American citizen it is our right to know how on how our government works.  When we want the truth, we want to hear it from our elected leaders so to better prepare ourselves for the possibility of a terrorist attack.  With the media we have to dismiss the fear they try to inflict on us even though that fear is real.  The media sometimes exaggerates to get that extra something to make the news sound good, so they can get the ratings and the accolades that come with it when they do those media award ceremonies.  Also another way we can dismiss the fear especially for children is talk to them about it and let them know what they need to do when a possible terrorist attack were to happen in cities or schools. Faulty as the intelligence may be sometimes, we do have to rely on our government to make the best possible decisions and the best possible actions as humanly possible. However as an individual you also have to do the same thing and that is build up your physical and mental strength and also the trust of others as well especially if want to travel outside North America.

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