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Bell’s Theorem. Any One Heard About It?

22 February 2009 No Comment

Have you ever heard about Bells Theorem? I am sure not, It provides very amezing relations between space-time dimensions. I am citing this extract as I found it on net.
a physicist in Switzerland, and he’s saying that reality is nonlocal . . . he’s saying that one event can affect the other, even before the first event decides to happen!

ONCE YOU HAVE faster than light effects happening, not only is this sort of thing possible, it has to happen! Once you exceed the speed of light, you’re going to have events in the future affecting things in the past! Physics guarantees that!

Bell’s Theorem was proved in 1964, and it is still not taught in physics classes, and you don’t hear it on your science news programs. A theorem is a proof, and no one’s found a flaw in this theorem. It’s such a simple proof that a high school kid can understand it . . . so physicists can understand it. They have various ways of trying to ignore it, but it can’t be refuted because it’s so simple. A non local interaction links up one location with another without crossing space, without decay, and without delay. A non local interaction is, in short, unmediated, unmitigated, and immediate.

Anyone having more information about it, please share.



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