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Lakster37 Joins Trap17!

22 February 2009 No Comment

Yes, that’s right, Lakster37 has joined the forums! I knew you’d be waiting for me. laugh.gif

Anyways, I’m currently a Junior in High School (from the United States). I don’t know if anyone else has even heard about it, but I play an MMORPG called Runescape (my username is the same as this forum account) and a more strategy based game called Tribal Wars. Both can be played in your internet browser without any download, and as far as I’ve seen, pretty much any computer connected to the internet can play them.

For both games, I’m part of a community type organization known as a “clan.” We started it almost three years ago now, and I really like it because I get to know people from around the world that I’d never even be able to meet regularly. I’ve also found that our community surpasses the limits of the games we play, people quit and new people join, but they usually stick around on our forums nonetheless.

Currently, we have a forum hosted for free by Zetaboards (http://www.claninstinct.net), a podcast hosted by MyPodcast.com, we recently set up an online radio with Listen2myradio.com, and we’ve had a regularly website hosted by HostGator in the past, but it never really worked out which is why I came here. Hope it works out, and I look forward to meeting the rest of you on these forums. tongue.gif


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