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Microsoft Announces Six Flavors For Windows 7

4 February 2009 No Comment

Well the big story that everyone been waiting for and that being how many versions of Windows 7 will be out there and the magic number is 6.  Of course, everyone is asking why especially since the the 6 flavors of Vista hell were out there but it seems that are a bit more organized as to who gets what.

As for the break down it is between Developed nations verses undevelope or currently being developed nations and so this little guide will tell which version is for you.

Develop Nations
-European Union

You get the idea which countries that are fully develop technological countries

As for undeveloped and developing technological nations

-Parts of Africa
-Parts of Asia
-Parts of Middle East

Basically countries that slowly building their computer infrastructure up to meet standards like the US, European Union and Japan.

As for the versions Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise go to the develop nations, while undeveloped and developing nations get Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter Edition (With some restrictions).

Also in another bit of news is the upgrade process and the fact that now all you need is a upgrade key and instead of spending an hour or so upgrading it will only take minutes.  Now odds are I think, is that features will be lock and invisiable until the upgrade but that is only a guess since more information will come up about all that.  So one question that is left is pricing and I am sure everyone is biting their nails for that.


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