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Safari 4 Beta 1: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

24 February 2009 No Comment

Well it seems the wonderful people of Apple have updated the third or forth most popular browser on the net.  But before I get into my bashing I will say that 150 features packed in this browser is iether a good thing or bad thing and I will tell you why.

The good part about it is this browser confrims support for HTML 5, CSS3, has passed the acid 2 and acid 3 test with flying colors, support a bunch of new CSS features such as animation, effects fonts and etc.  So standards wise this browser packs in a lot more then some of the other browsers currently do and that should be a good thing especially for IE and Firefox to work on and what not.  On top of that Safari has provided a few more tools for the developer and that should definitely be a good thing as well.

As for the bad, all hte bloated features like hte visual history page, the visual top 10, on top of that they made it look like Itunes for the bookmark menues.  Sure it mkes it look pretty and what not but the visual takes way to long to load or if your unfortunate like me with a few hundred bookmarks you have to visit all those websites in order for the image viewer to pick up.  So they have plenty to work in that area.  As for the ugly, the whole layout, I hate the way they set up the tabs, that is just complete trash what they did with that, and thus made the look of the browser so horrible looking that it makes me wonder who screwed up copying from other browsers, the only thing they got right was the firefox feature smart Location bar and at least Apple kept that simple.

Overall, the behind the scense stuff is amazing or looking to be amazing, but hte front in visual stuff needs a lot of work and hopefully they will fix that in beta 2.

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