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Ubuntu Packages With No Internet?

16 February 2009 No Comment

I have installed Ubuntu 7 on a computer which does not have internet access. It was a bit of a pain because I am not experienced with Linux and I could not count on real-time web support while configuring it, anyway I overcame most of the problems and it now runs smoothly with its basic features…

Now I’d like to make my installation a bit more complete thus adding a few packages which you normally get through apt-get… I browsed through the package directory on the Ubuntu official website but there are so many packages it’d make no sense to download all of them one by one! moreover I only realize which packages I might need while I am using Ubuntu and at that time I don’t have internet access…

so I was wondering if there’s a way to download the whole package collection (or at least big chunks of it) so that I can burn it to cd/dvd, whatever it takes and take it to the internet-less computer to be installed when needed…

any help appreciated wink.gif

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