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Browser Speed: Do We Care??

31 March 2009 No Comment

In what seems to be the 36,213,562,234,524 article on browser speed in the browser wars, PCWorld.com now says Google Chrome is the fastest browser on the market.  On that note who really cares about speed?  Granted that about 25-30% of the world is on a broadband connection of 1Mpbs or higher with the rest in a messy combination of dial-up, DSL, WI-FI and we want more and more speed.

However, after seeing this article it makes me wonder who really is interested in a fast browser, those designing them or the users.  As I see it is the browser designers who care about the speed more than the users because we want secured browsers, and even then after hearing that all the browsers with the exception of Opera got hacked into, we still prefer security over speed.  Why I say that is simple, because you really cannot tell the difference sometimes, sure you can tell what takes longer to load in some browsers then in others. However, there are various factors into a browsers load time, which includes that internet connection and of course, the servers the website are hosted on, the organization and optimization of code are three of the major factors I see in how fast a website gets loaded.

I do not deny I like quick browsers, especially on a 20-25Mbps connection,  and with what I do on them I am blasting through hundreds of websites a day and I find it a inconvenience that they are slow to load or the server is overload.  But, I think it is getting a tad ridiculous that one day this browser is faster but just in a few more days, another article will appear saying they are faster.  I would not be surprised if Mozilla, Microsoft, and Opera are working on new tests saying Chrome is slower than everyone has mentioned.  Still, I think these browser makers need to get refocused and work on security because if people are finding problems with these browsers and then waiting to use them for a contest, then it tells me that browser security is a lot worse then we are being told.

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