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Browser Wars: Godfather Style

24 March 2009 3 Comments


In a recent article by lifehacker.com, they talk about the five best browser on the current market today, of which include Microsoft’s Internet Explorer family with the latest being IE8, Mozilla’s Firefox Family with the latest Firefox 3,  Opera Family with Opera 9.6. The Apple Family with Safari with the Stable 3.2 and rolling out Safari 4 B1, and the Google Family with Chrome with the current version at 2.

This sounds like the families from the Godfather movies each vying for power in the criminal underworld, as they are the top five families in the browser mafia.  Bare with me as I go with this analogy and I hope you know a little about the Italian mafia work back in the day and on that note I want to rank these Don’s in the order of power and age.

Capo di tutti i capi (Boss of bosses) This title belongs to the Mosaic web browser because of the fact it was the first browser and on top of that several browsers came from this one, Netscape, Firefox, Internet Explorer.  So these three have paid their respects to this browser even though it has long been dead or this case replace by the Netscape Don and then Mozilla Don.  However,  an Italian mafia never really works that way with family getting the top spot after Capo di tutti i capi is long and dead.

That is where Internet Explorer came to power and although it deserves the title of Capo di tutti i capi because it is still the top dog of browsers, I would make the Internet Explorer Family number #2 because of the recent years of losing power to Firefox and Opera with Safari and Chrome fighting among themselves.  Of course, within the IE family the top boss has been replace times in 14 years of this family’s existence.  Of course, IE7 failed horribly at his job and so his younger brother took him out and 8 came to power, however, because of the lack of faith IE7 had, IE6 still has some power left and so I would rank him at #2 with IE7 #3 because of the problems he has cause.

Because of the problems with the IE family since 2006, three families were gaining power with one of them losing out and being replaced and eventually being wiped out completely in 2008.  In terms of power Netscape was the only competition for the IE family, and even though Netscape came out first 1994 after being born from Mosaic, it would last until Netscape 9 and by them the family within Netscape broke off with most of the family siding with Mozilla and we watch as the Netscape Don lost all its power.

Now that we have laid the foundation of the Browser Godfathers in terms of age and of power, the times were changing and its members were growing impatient with its leadership.  Especially with IE family and the lack of security it provided, and because of that two families grew into power, Mozilla and Opera.  Although they were not considered a threat, Mozilla showed up in 2004, and soon Opera would show up out of nowhere even though this family has been growing since 1994.  However, by the time Firefox 2 and Opera 7 came up the ranks in their families, they have taken a great deal out of the IE family; however, Firefox would do the most damage in just 5 years.

Now in 2009 IE is losing power and its new leader could be the saving this family and the power it has, but with the connection of Windows slowing breaking apart with the up and coming release of Windows 7. It’s with that deal could several hurt this family and give it just enough for Firefox 3.1 or Firefox 4 to take over and lead the five families into the future.

What about the other three families in the browser wars?  Opera spot is well in place for the time being but if Chrome family heads into the right direction the Opera family could be taking out and be replaced by chrome.  As for the Safari family, their number four spot is held in place for now, but once Chrome makes the move, the Safari family will be providing the protection while the other 4 bosses keep battling their wars.

So if the numbers are correct, in 3-4 years Firefox Family will be number one, with the IE Family going to number two, and depending on what happens with the Opera and Chrome families, the number three spot will determine the number four spot and the Safari Family will hold its place at number five.  That is what will happen for these five families of the browser wars, but who knows the delivery boy could come out of nowhere and knock out the heads of the top families.


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