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HTML: Your visual blueprint for designing effective Web pages with HTML, CSS, and XHTML

1 March 2009 No Comment

In my latest book review, I am going to cover is titled “HTML, XHTML, and CSS: Your visual blueprint for designing effective Web pages”.  In this eye pleasing set up with the use of blue and well detailed information this 370 page, 19 chapter book is geared towards those with a intermediate to strong background in (X)HTML and CSS.  Although a beginner might find this as a useful reference guide as well because of the detail information about all the syntax a design might use.  Therefore, I give a brief summary on the first three chapters just to give you a taste on what to expect from this book.
Chapter #1

In the first few pages of this chapter, we are given introductions to HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.  In it we are given a brief history as well as some interesting highlights of HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.  After that, it talks about the tools to create HTML, XHTML and CSS documents to be used in web design and of course goes into some information about browsers, servers and planning your website.  Overall, it is a descent introduction with plenty of information to get a person interested in reading on in this book.

Chapter #2

In this chapter, they cover the basics of creating a simple website using DOC types, headings, paragraphs and such. As I mentioned although this book is geared towards those with experience some of the stuff anyone can pick up on.

Chapter #3

The next chapters cover hyperlinks, which include planning, and setting up the links, hyperlink structure and file paths, creating links for your websites and etc.  Though there is a bit more detail then I am giving in this review expect either stuff you already know or some stuff you might have forgotten or might not know of.

As for the chapters 4-9, you get to learn about images, tables, lists, text formatting and some CSS formatting as well.  As for the rest of the chapters you just have to read on to see what they talk about and they include three appendix which include all the current tags and elements for (X)HTML and CSS and a nice web accessibility guideline as well.

Overall, this is an interesting book with good information to give you a jump-start to begin learning the complications of web design once.  Therefore, it is a definitely a purchase or a look see if someone you know has copy or you can purchase it right through Amazon right below.

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