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Services that Cloud Computing Has To Offer

11 March 2009 No Comment

In my first article I gave a brief definition of what cloud computing and how cloud computing is used to an extent.  So in this article I want to talk about primary uses for cloud computing based on an article that I found awhile ago by Galen Gruman and Eric Knorr called “What Cloud Computing Really Means“.  I will mention that although these 7 uses seem the most common there might be other uses for cloud computing besides the seven I will mention and so lets begin the fun and list those seven services now:

#1 SaaS ( Software as a Service)

Is a model in which software is provided by an online vendor which you can either use through the internet or get a downloaded version.  The biggest examples of this would be Google Applications as you can pretty much most of their services online or offline such as Google Earth.   So the primary focus is that a company or programmer would want to purchase cloud computing space so that A) they only have to design their software package at least two times, one for online use and the other for a download option (PC mostly).  However, they could just get rid of the download design and just stick with an online version and not have to worry about debugging it for various computers.

#2 Utility Computing

As for this function of cloud computing, in basic terms is the use of computer resources and computer infrastructure management to help maximize efficient use of those computing resources and help minimize costs associated with those computer resources and other technology resources a person or business might use.  That was the best way I summed it up in my paper on cloud computing, but I could you could say Cloud computing will turn chaos into order if were to use cloud computing infrastructure to help organize your technology that is being used in your business.

#3 Web Services In The Cloud

Though it follows the SaaS model since your providing software as a service, but on the other hand this service is about focus and specific applications and services.  Such as Google Map whose primary focus is to get your from point A to point B in the shortest way possible among other map like features.  So in a way your business could be focus on one piece of software and nothing else, again look at Google Docs, thought it is several different pieces of software combined into one, it has just one purpose office productivity and basically a cheaper way not to spend a ton of money on Microsoft Office licenses.

#4 Platform As A Service

Again following the models of #1 and #3 this cloud computing makes it even more focus and specific by saying “we only provide this type of programming enviroment and nothing else”.  Thus it has its benefits and drawbacks and that being you can only do so much in that enviroment and of course your limiting your customers, because of hte fact you have one group who only programs in one enviroment and the other group doesn’t know how to program in that enviroment.  Thus they have to figure out if its worth the time to learn this new enviroment or keep on looking for what they need.

#5 MSP (Managed Service Providers)

Although the article sums it up nicely another way you can look at it is this service would be something is outsource to someone else to develop it for you and then all you have to od is once they complete the project it gets implemented into your own package.  Or another way you look at it is that Company A bought out Company B and decided that they like some of your software and thus use it without too many changes necessary.  Think of Google’s purchase of youtube in which google video has been rubbed out because Youtube did it better with video sharing.

#6 Service Commerce Platforms

Better known as e-commerce,  to me I think this part of cloud computing would be the most beneficial especially if your company like Best Buy, Walmart who have thousands of products of various sizes and prices and thus take up huge amounts of database space in order to keep things current, and instead of deleting a webpage all you do is delete a database entry and its gone.  Of course the other side is that with the use of virtual servers you have a indefinate amount of space to work with and so what could take like a few hundred servers to store data you could do it in 100 or less servers.  But it all depends what your selling and all that stuff but either way what would take hours to set up ecommerce site, your cutting down the time and on top of that your connecting a lot of other e-commerce related services as well, such as airplane tickets, car rentals and a hote room for the night.

#7  Internet Integration

The final service for cloud computing is internet integration,  best way to sum it up your moving to the next level in business and that is connecting to the internet and if your business isn’t almost 30+ years old and well establish.  The internet is the only real place to go, however, if your company is very specific then your main goal is to use cloud computing in way that it connects to as many devices as it possible can, we are talking, cell phones, PDA’s, computers, video calls, GPS and all that fun loving stuff.  In other words if you have a solid physical business and you ready to expand then network and internet expansion is the way to go and with cloud computing it makes that process go by a little quicker.

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