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Ballmer: Stay on Windows XP and You Will Face a Backlash

30 April 2009 No Comment

With Windows 7 quickly on the move with the RC1 release, it would seem that the Golden Boy of Microsoft, Ballmer says “Suffer the Backlash if you still use XP when Windows 7 comes out” ( big scary voice) .  Ballmer get off your horse because your on the way of making Microsoft the laughing stock if Windows 7 tanks and if it does, expect for the stocks to fall fall fall.  We  are aware of your corporate take overs of companies and stuff like that and so it is hurting you more then you think, granted the reviews of Windows 7 have been good so far, granted they are still going to push out at least 9 different flavors of Windows 7.

Either way, everyone is smart enough to know that Microsoft is rushing to get Windows 7 out, to be quite honest, I think 1-2 years of more testing and securing Windows 7 is in order.  Thats including making sure drivers work, hardware going back at least 4-5 years can still push this out and making sure they have cleaned out as many security holes as they can with IE8 to prevent a lot of stuff from happening on tis new operating system.  Regardless what Ballmer things about Windows 7, if I were Bill I keep an eye on him and if it requires Gates to come back I would not mind.

Now back to the article.

There are two things that surprised me and they are statistics about Vista at the Enterprise level:

According to a recent report by Forrester, Windows Vista is now powering just fewer than 10 percent of all PCs within enterprises in North America and Europe.

Nevertheless an uptick in Vista use may be on the horizon, as the report also states that 31 percent of IT decision-makers said they are beginning migrations to Windows Vista.

It has been two years now since Vista has come out and so far only 10% of the companies from US and Europe are using this operating system?  Ballmer do us a favor when the Windows 7 backlash happens and it most likely will, step down and let someone who knows what they are doing run the company.  Its statements like yours and stats like that showing that XP is never going away and although it is a nice touch your adding a virtual XP on windows 7.  Lets be honest Windows 7 will make you or break you and I know in your mind you hoping it will save you, because Vista still doesn’t impress people and in a way it has driven computers to Linux based OS in those same years.

As for the other stat, businesses are just not moving to Vista, I bet those people are very upset because of the fact Windows 7 is going to be out later this year or early next year.  I bet out the 31% who are moving to Vista I say 5-10% have dropped Vista altogether and just going to wait it out for Windows 7.  Therefore, the backlash is going to come from the Vista users just because, if reports are true, Windows 7 is making up for all the mistakes Vista did when it first came out and that is the only reason why Windows 7 is coming out in the first place.

Remember Ballmer, Vista is the new ME and Windows 7, if we are lucky, will be the new XP.  So for your sake be smart about this and work out the kinks for a couple of moure years.

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