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Dragonball Evolution: Movie Review

10 April 2009 No Comment

Wow, what a suck fest this movie was, Dragonball Evolution was not the movie I was expecting, in fact, it was even less then what I expected.  Although I am hearing that the Asian markets are doing well with this movie, I will guarantee that this movie will tank and I don’t even see it breaking the top 5 or even the top 10.This 90 minute movie felt like a 30 minute DBZ episode, that is how fast it was, heck the back story was crappy at best, as for the character development, well unless you have seen the original anime it is non existence as well.  Though some of the traits are there, this movie was a sad joke to a great series that was over 500 episodes.  The special effects, were not that special, though they did take stuff from the anime, you didn’t feel it.

I am so glad I paid the $5.50 and not the $7.25 for this movie and from the reviews I have seen are also giving this movie a bad review.  I wouldn’t be surprise if the 12 and under crowd go boo to this movie.  Heck, they are putting together the sequel to this movie, and I hope they pay attention and make this second movie 1000x times  better.

If you have nothing else better to then see this movie, if not, then rent the DVD or buy the DVD.

Opening Weekend: $15-20 million Overall: $30 million.

I don’t give this movie much hope and I know the anime fans will rip this movie apart as well.

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