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Dragonball Evolution Update: Weekend Box Office

12 April 2009 No Comment

Well, it seems I was half right in this movie, that being it was going to bomb and bomb big,, but the part I was wrong on was the amount of movie it was going to make.  Now I was hoping thast most US fans of Dragonall franchise would see this movie in droves, but I was wrong since this movie only took in $4,650,000.  I blame it on the Hanna Montana movie, lol, but still this movie is a box office flop and with the 2nd movie in the works, they better do something amazing with this movie and make it two hours long with a whole lot of fighting and better CGI.  To be quite honest the CGI was 1990’s at best and that was some bad graphics and if this second movie bombs, Hollywood don’t even bother making a third.

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