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Fast & Furious: Movie Review

10 April 2009 No Comment

Although this is a bit late since I saw this movie last week, I thought I would give a good review after trashing Dragonball Evolution just a few minutes ago.  As we all know the time line for all four movies goes like this, The Fast & Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast & Furious and Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Which means that the 4th movie actually bridges the gap between second movie and the third one and of course completes the trilogy of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.  Since it has been a week out I know by now that most everyone who was interested in this movie has seen it and so I be spoiling the movie for the rest of the review.

Basically this movie is  about revenge after finding out that Letty was murdered by a drug cartel member, and so Dominc goes on the hunt to find out who kills her and then finish them off.  Of course, we find out the boss is into Street racing and looks for drivers to complete jobs and so O’Conner and Dominic both enter the race to get them into the job.

Skip a few scenes later and find out that Letty was working for FBI and Dom goes into a rampage, but shortly later Letty did this in order to clear his name. Skip a few scenes latter, Dom gets his revenge on the guy who kills Letty and the get the boss of the Cartel.  Although he helps in the capture he goes to prision 25 to life because of all the crimes he committe, but of course, O’Connor, Mia and some friend chase the bus down and thought it ends with Dom smiling we know he escpaes and heads off to Japan.

The only thing I found disappointing in this movie was the actual racing,  there wasn’t really much of it even though almost every kind of car you could think of was in that movie.  However, the story, the music, the emotions what was really important in this movie and knowing this movie should hit big because of the competition and I was right.  Opening weekend of $70 million and then some was awesome and I had put this at about $100 million just because I know everyone wanted to see Vin and Walker mess some people up.

Overall though, I see this movie making about close to $200 millon and they have plenty of time before Star Trek comes out.  I am glad they completed at least the original storyline because there was a big gap between the second and third movie.  Hopefully, they end the series right there because making a 5th movie wouldn’t feel right and most likely tarnish this franchise.

So this movie is definately worth watching and yours truely will definately gets the DVD when it comes out in 6-8 months.

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