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Saint Michael Goes Twitter and Other Stuff!

10 April 2009 No Comment

You could say it was some interesting words from a fellow blogger and an old aquintence of mine that mention I should get into the twittering business.  Well unlike most people who use the service, I plan to keep my personal out of it as much as possible and rather use twitter and use it to tweet links of posts I think might interest people.  I have to say, after about about 70 tweets, which included some incomplete links, I seen my visits spike up today and even though I would like to see more people sign up, I am not all that concerned since I want people to at least visit the site and maybe read what I have to say.

On top of that, I have recieved my first Google PR number, and I was a bit surprise just because I got it this quickly and the fact most of my content is quite old and the fact I had posted it previously on other sites.  Of course, I been providing a lot of original stuff that I would normally post on trap17 to earn Hosting Credits (MyCents), but I guess I wanted to strike out on my own in terms of producing content of my own.  As for the other stats, I guess the most shocking is the fact how quickly I gained numbers in technorati and alexa, and so it makes me wonder why I waited so long to do this, especially with all the stuff I have seen and know about.

Of course, I am contimplating setting up another blog and start talking about the websites that I visit and bookmark, especially in the web design and computer design area.  Odds are I will begin that process once I finish my studies and see which direction I go with this blog.  Though it sounds like I wantto go full time with this, finacially that is impossible since I don’t make that kind of money most blogs makes.  Even though I feel late in getting into this stage of my computer life, its not to late to start as I see a lot of brand new sites which mostly do the same thing and how quickly they got up there in PR on google.  Sadly though I am getting more back links on Yahoo then on Google,  hopefully though I get to a PR 2 by the end of the year or if I am lucky a PR 3 then I know I am on the right track.

So I want to thank those who have signed up, those who link to my blog and to those who read my stuff or just visit my site.  Of course, I am always looking for people to connect there blogs and or websites so if your interested just use my contact form and we will go from there.

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