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Software Review: Belarc Advisor

20 April 2009 No Comment

belarcNow if your an IT administrator and you have to maintain hundreds of computers within your network, being able to troubleshoot those computers could be a bit tricky if you don’t have the right info to the computer.  That is were Belarc comes into place, this free software scans your computer and gives you one of the most detailed reports about your computer system and tells you how secured it is based on a specific benchmark.

I came across this piece of software a couple of years ago and boy I was surprised at the detail this free software came with, of course it really helped me when I had to do a complete re-installation of my laptop.  Due to the fact it save me the time of trying to remember what I had all installed software wise.  Of course, what really opened my eyes was the security benchmark list because it showed me what could be a security threat to my computer.  In which help me explore my system a bit more and tried a few things out, although most of it is necessary in a network environment or to lock down a computer in that same environment, most of the options are not necessary.

Another thing I like about this program is that when it lists the software that you use, it also lists the serial numbers or keys that are used to register the product.  So it is a handy list to have because now you won’t have to drag out all those books and CD cases, instead you just pull out your list and type away.   Another good thing about this software is of course the hotfixes and by now most people have switched over to SP3, but if your a person still using Sp2 who has the Windows Update off, then you can find out what your missing based on the information Belarc comes with.  Of course, Balarc does comes with updates that you manually install and so based on the list it will tell you whats installed and not.

So if your running a network, obviously you would want a master computer that has all those updates because then you have something to compare to wit hthe rest of your network.  Still a home user could benefit from this software, especially if your a person who needs to reinstall your computer after a crash or something and that way you don’t have to spend the whole day updating, installing and updating the software again.  Sadly though if your a Vista, Xp Home, 2000, 95/98 user, this software isn’t for you and so you would have to look around for software that does this kind of information.  One such software I would recommend is Look In My PC which does cover 2000 and Vista, and it goes into same kind of detail but adds a bit more to such as open network connections, file association, drivers and so on.  So I would recommend Belarc for the millions of XP users, and if your running Vista or 2000 then go for the Look In My PC.

Of course, if you got your own program that you use for diagnosing your computer let us know and we can add it to the list.

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