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18 April 2009 No Comment

I know about this website, going on four years now and it has given me great ideas in how to become a better CSS designer or rather be more efficient in CSS design.  Of course, since then they have expanded on CSS in which they include, (X)HTML, AJAX, WordPress, Blogger, Firefox, SEO, DOM and more.  This is a definite must have website in your tools for design, just because there is so much information at your disposal. Of course, I think the great set of tools are the CSS cleaners/organizers and I tell you why.


Usually when your coding CSS it tends to get messy and the document tends to get very large, especially when your setting up classes that have the same characteristics, such as font color, wdith, height, font, background images and other stuff.  Grated, if you have been working with CSS for a long time you can easily put it all together and thus make it a smaller document, however if you want to do this quickly and efficiently then I would go with Clean CSS, because it organizes, cleans up and trims down the fat based on what Compression you use.

Of course, I will throw a caution out and say that it could mess up your website so make sure to have a back up of the original CSS code just in case it doesn’t come out right.  However, if you keep the default settings to this site, that should be, but to go more advance with it  test your CSS code check off Sort Selectors and Sort Properties and it will sort everything alphabetically, thus the reason for caution.

the-w3c-markup-validation-service_1240072710239 I am a HTML/CSS validation, I do it all the time because clean and valid code mean a website is working properly based on the standards set forth by the W3C. Now there is argument that you don’t need to have valid code to make a fast and usable website, well I know three websites that agree with it, live.com, yahoo.com and google.com all failed the test.  What is interesting is Microsoft has the least amount of errors at 4, with yahoo at 34 and Google is dead last at 43 and if you look at google’s source code you just cringe at the fact they are using HTML 4.01 standards, or rather they could be using HTML 3.1 because of the lack of DOCType.

Google’s main page is hte easiest to redesign just because it is a simple layout visually, but behind the doors it is chaos, of course I could say the same for Microsoft and Yahoo because of the fact the validator tells you what is the error and what line it is on.  To me if anyone is going to complain about the browsers not being to standards, they first need to look at their websites and see if it valid coding, and now that IE8 is up to snuff with the rest of the world, all these hacks will definitely be a thing of the past won’t people from IE5, 6, 7 start switching over ASAP.

Although I stand these two out the most, but all the tools, tutorials, articles about web design will take you weeks maybe months to ogo through, just because you read one website and it could open up several more for you.  Either way I recommend this websit for everyone, from the beginner to the “expert”, to use this site to its fullest extent.

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