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Angry Apple User/Hacker Posts Exploitation Code

28 May 2009 No Comment

mac-vs-pc-3Well it would seem that Apple has made someone a bit upset recently because of the lack of security updates in the Mac OS X, Landon Fuller, a security researcher in San Francisco, was so distraught, he decided to post the exploitation code for this attack.  The attack is specific to the Java software that comes installed on the operating system and while Java has patched it, Apple has not.  Thus the reason why this angry man posted it up to make them aware that it still exits, but my problem why this dude has not been arrested yet for posting the code to the internet.

As a security researcher he knows that code can be reverse engineered or altered to make the exploitation worse.  While the code itself is harmless he could be jeopardizing a lot of computers because of his stupidity.  If the dude was smart he should have just kept calling Apple until they fixed it instead doing this stupid thing, either way Apple has given the underground enough time to think up some ways to use this code if they have found his website and start breaking it apart.

After reading this story, I swear Apple is doing the God complex on its operating system, but get enough angry users and or employees your little operating system could have some problems.  Of course, when and if the problem is fixed how effective that patch will be is unknown to me but maybe Landon will let us know when it happens.

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