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Flying High In The Clouds

29 May 2009 No Comment

cloudThe twenty-first century is the beginning of the new millennium and with that the beginning of a new era in computer technology.  Personal computers have seen great advances over the years, bigger hard drives, faster processors, well detailed graphic cards and of course the internet.  It is the drive for finding new information and then storing that information which makes people want to make these computers faster and smarter and so that is where the concept of cloud computing comes into place.

In recent years cloud computing has become the hottest topic since the one terabyte hard drive and although it is still in the early beginnings, the computing industry is pushing this technology to be successful and be able to head into a new direction with this new technology.  To make that possible many barriers must be crossed and many new technologies have to be designed in order for cloud computing to become the reality that everyone is pushing for.  With the 21st century reaching its first decade, we in the computer world have to understand that cloud computing is the way to go and by knowing what this technology is and how to use it, everyone who uses it can benefit from this technology.

To understand the benefits of cloud computing one must understand the premise of what cloud computing is all about.  Of course, that is no easy task since the definition of cloud computing is quite technical.  Therefore, the attempt to getting it as simple as possible is the first task in this paper and with the help of searchenterprisedesktop.com that is our first goal.  Although the definition that was used to describe cloud computing is quite long, the first paragraph sums it up quite well:

Cloud computing is a computing paradigm in which tasks are assigned to a combination of connections, software and services accessed over a network. This network of servers and connections is collectively known as “the cloud.” Computing at the scale of the cloud allows users to access supercomputer-level power. Using a thin client or other access point, like an iPhone, BlackBerry or laptop, users can reach into the cloud for resources as they need them. For this reason, cloud computing has also been described as “on-demand computing.” (Cloud Computing)

In this paragraph it will be broken down even more and hopefully present a clear understanding or at least a basic understanding of what will be presented in cloud computing.  The first part talks about “a combination of connections, software and services accessed over a network” which means that any device connected can be used as a way to set up a cloud computer.  However, to break that down a bit more, servers are the devices that are used to store the data that is input by devices such as cell phones, PDA’s, PC’s.  Of course, those same devices are used to access that data that others or we have inputted.  Naturally, in order to use these devices to either type, upload, edit or email our documentation there has to be specific software that can be used for such devices.

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