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Google Chrome Week Day 3

18 May 2009 No Comment

google-chrome My apologies for the lack of day 3 as I was not feeling well and so I be doing a double whammy of day three and day 4four today.  My plan for day three was to talk about Chrome themes, and yes it is possible to use custom themes to change the look of chrome.  Being able to change Chromes theme was discovered the week it came out, I believe, and the method to change the theme required the replacing of a DLL file that controls the default theme.  A few weeks or months later, a programmer designed a theme manager to help manage the themes for chrome that you have installed, of which I provide a link at the end of the article.

Now, to begin the theme changing process, we need to locate the theme folder.  A note of caution, if you have not updated to the current chrome browser and using in older version, you have to create the theme folder yourself.  However, if you have the current browser then the theme folder will be there.  Now to get there you have to do the following

Window+R and then paste or type in the following location:

For Windows XP Users:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\

For Windows Vista Users:

Make sure you put in your user name or you be prompted in with a not found window.  Now the folder will open up and then you will select the current browser version of chrome, which is, and you will click on that folder and then click on themes folder to open it up.  Now you will see a default.dll folder and before you do anything else, copy and paste that file somewhere else just in case Chrome crashes as it seems to happen with some themes.  Also another note of caution, every time you update the Chrome browser, especially if you have the chrome changer application, your themes will not work as the dll gets changed.  So then you have to redesign your themes to work for that version of the Chrome.

Sadly though I tried various methods to get a theme change on chrome and they have failed every time, including the use of that Theme Changer.  While it does not bother me all that much, I consider it annoyance that I might be missing something in this process and so hopefully in one of Chrome’s update it will have a built in theme manager to make the process a lot better.  Although, I couldn’t get it to work maybe someone did and will let us know what needs to be done correctly to get a theme going.

In the mean time, I provide that various Chrome theme websites and downloads to help get you going in adding themes to the Chrome browser.

Theme Manager





So these are just a few of the sites you can get chrome themes to help spruce your browser up and make it look like your browser.

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