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Google Chrome Week Day 1

15 May 2009 No Comment

google-chromeIn recent months I have talk a lot about Firefox and Internet Explorer, since I use them the most often in that order.  However, in recent days I have come across a lot of Google Chrome stuff and various things you can do with Chrome besides browsing the web.  I won’t be getting into extensions too much for Chrome as it hasn’t become stable enough to warrant such discussion, however I will provide some website that cover the development of chrome extensions as I run by them.

Anyway, although I don’t use Chrome that often, some of the stuff that I did find was quite interesting and I wanted to consolidate all that wonderful information.

The first website I came across the other day was makeusof.com with their topic called 8 Cool Tips & Tricks To Make Most of Google Chrome.  As I was going through the article I came across some very interesting things, such as reducing the memory usage of Chrome, extensions to the task manager such as various stats and resources, dragging downloads and being able to resize textareas in a form element.  Of course, I found the task manager stuff far more interesting because of the fact it provides a lot of information and a nice graphical interface as well and for being a small browser I was shock at how well programmed this browser is.

So it is definitely a must see with the task manager and what else can be done with this besides closing individual tabs and what not.

The next website that I will be covering is a in depth article about some various hacks, which include the properties of Chrome (right click on the icon and then select Properties), the of about:, and some minor extensions such as running a RSS Feed through Chrome.  Techradar.com did a good job in explaining these various hacks and so you should check out their article 10 Really Cool Google Chrome Hacks and see what fun stuff you can do with the Chrome browser.

I try to post up some more stuff later today if not most likely tomorrow of course, always looking for websites that could be mentioned that provide Chrome Info.

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