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Movie Review: Angels & Demons

16 May 2009 No Comment

angels-demons-tsr-poster-is-full Although I saw the 3:45 show on Friday, I had some prior engagements that kept me from doing this movie review and now that I have the time that is what I will do today.  Before I get to the movie review, I have to say I had that best batch of Nachos & Cheese ever from the movie theater that I go to.  Although the chips were the same it was the cheese that was perfect, the right amount of kick, not to cold and not to hot, and filled to the top as well.  So  that made this movie even better and the movie that I am going to talk about is Angels & Demons, starring Tom Hanks and Directed by Rom Howard.  I would like to mention I never read any of the books, however, I have enjoyed the myth and legends that have been produce by the Catholic church and those who rebel against the church.

I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out, especially after enjoying the Da Vinci Code, I knew this was going to be a great movie, regardless what others think though about that movie, both religious or movie critic.  The movie is set a few years after the events of the Da Vinci Code, were our Symbologiest Robert Langdon is called by the Catholic Church to figure out what the secret society called the Illuminati are doing.  There is were the story unfolds and because of spoiler rich this movie is I won’t mention much about that or the book itself since I have never read it.  So at a healthy 2 hours and some change, this movie’s pace was great, as the history was broken down in chunks as the action related scenes blended in well with the history lesson given.  There were no lag between story and action and gave plenty of time develop from beginning to end with all the plot twists you can think of and boy were there some big one in this movie.  Although, if you were to read the book then I doubt you would be as shocked, maybe disappointed because of what was left out or changed in this movie.

The best part to this movie almost anyone could have been the bad guy, with the exception of Langdon of course.  So the character development for this movie was great and help add great depth to this movie, especially the secondary characters.  Both Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor did great in preparing for their roles and developing their characters and although they were the main character the movie didn’t make it seem like they were.  Just like being a puppet to the puppet master, scary.  Of course, the other thing I like about this movie is its historic value, as they showed some of the most historical buildings of humankind, and although some of it was digitally added because of the Catholic Church stubbornness.  It’s almost like they are trying to hide something and to be quite honest,  the only secret society around here is the Catholic religion, they have so many secrets  that who knows how damaging they could be.   So lets be honest, when’s the last time the Catholic Church actually told the truth about something,  we all know the power the Catholic Church holds, and because of that power no one will dare challenge them, especially during their Medieval days when they committed the worse of crimes and the destruction of early human history.

Well I should end on that point and so comes box office numbers,  with Star Trek making it bigger, after Wolverine, I would have to say this movie will make about $70-100 million opening weekend thanks to the free publicity by our dear friends the Catholic Church.  As for the complete run I would say that it will beat out the $217 million Da Vinci Code made, but barely.

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