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Movie Review: Terminator Salvation

27 May 2009 No Comment

terminator-salvation-20093 Well I just saw Terminator Salvation tonight, instead of seeing it opening weekend because of the passing of my grandmother but lets get to the movie review.  As the fourth movie in there Terminator franchise, this movie is a sequel/prequel in terms of the Terminator timeline as it is set in the future and the war with the machines is 14 years in.    Although the leader of the resistance has not become the leader as of yet, he has providing the human resistance with the information needed to keep on fighting, however, Marcus has changed everything as he is a human/cyborg hybrid that is discovered and radically changes everything Conner has believed in.

As we all know the Terminator franchise has created one of the biggest time paradoxes of all time and with this movie, McG did it again and unlike the Star Trek time line, Terminator Salvation completely shatters the paradox so far.  Of course,  there is no time jumping or plasma rifles as this is straight bullets and other 20th century technology such as Helicopters and A-10’s.  Of course, the machines are using much more advance 21st century technology but either way they have found a way to finally beat the machines once and for all.  Ok I could go on and on about hte story which is pretty deep, but I have to give props to McG as he used limited green screen and CGI in this movie and made it as realistic as possible when it comes to the battle scenes.  However, what this movie really lack was battle scenes like you would see in Terminator 1 and 2 and so we saw a lot of HK’s in this movie and not too many Terminators.

As for Christian Bale, The Batman voice wasn’t really necessary and luckily there wasn’t too much of it and stuff and sad to say he didn’t provide too much facial emotion even though his voice had it.  On the other hand, Sam Worthington, was spot on with his Marcus Character, but I wouldn’t have like to hear him have a digital like voice like Arnold did in T-3 after getting tore up by the T-X.  Either way he did good with this character and became the unlikly hero in this movie regardless of the fact he was a machine.  As for the rest of the cast, Common, Bloodgood, Ironside well if Bale wasn’t such a Diva and making the movie about himself I think their characters would have added more depth, but alas Bale made sure it was all about him and no one else.

While I agree with most of what people said on rotten tomatoes I have to think Terminator 5 will finally be what we want and actually see the future like we wanted from Terminator 1 & 2.  As for the box office I would have said about $70 million on the opening weekend, of which included Thursday opening as well.  Of course, I don’t see this movie make breaking even as I think the movies budget was between $150-200 million dollars.  Either way I still believe they should continue these movies and finally end it at Terminator six with Skynet defeated at the cost of John Connors life or from Kate or his offspring.  Either way, this is a love hate movie and although I enjoyed it and can’t wait for 5 and see the future a bit more darker then ever.

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