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Old School Review: Jackal

12 May 2009 No Comment



With Spring in the air and free time on my hand I thought I would continue with the classic military games and talk about Jackal.  I don’t even know the last time I played this game on the console, but do remember playing it a few times though and didn’t start playing it until I cam across it with my collection of games.  Although Konami would go off with its most successful Metal Gear/Solid franchise, this was still a good game with some great fun and challenging bosses as well.

So let’s begin a wonderful review and see if any of you remember this game.

Some Screen Shots:


Game Maker: Konami

Year: 1988

Price: $40-$50

Levels: 6 sub levels within one long level

Sound: 7

Graphics: 7

Mini-Games: none

Difficulty: Back then 8 Now: 7

Game play:

Shoot’ em up


“Your brothers-in-arms are hostages behind enemy lines, and you’re their only hope for freedom. But the firepower you’ll face to rescue them will be awesome. Rescue the POW’s in the buildings. You’ll need a pocket full of miracles, and the wild ferocity of a wild jackal.”
This is the story of your daunting task of turning the tide of the war, while rescuing all of your comrades. Colonel Decker and Lieutenant Bob are team green (Player One), with Sergeant Quint and Corporal Grey lending some friendly fire to your cause as team brown (Player Two). With these wild men leading the charge, your side just may have the necessary tools to finally take down the bad guys. So, once you are dropped off on the edge of the war zone, charge into battle fearlessly, and keep shooting till your team is the only thing left moving!

First Impressions:

Although, I don’t remember this game all to much, I did remember that I would keep getting blown up after picking up the hostages in the camp and stuff or when I powered up my secondary weapon I would lose it right away.  I don’t think I ever made it to the first boss of blue tanks or if I did, I didn’t last long since they came from all angles and junk.

21 years later:

Like I said I didn’t really play this game all that much back in my youth and when I played this game last year, it took me about an hour and some change to get to the end.  Did a lot of saving and got to the final boss who was a hard challenge that required patience and 25 quick hits with your grenade/missle in order to beat.  Of course, I eventually busted out the game genie threw in a couple of codes and then torbo killed the super tank lol.  Still it s a challanging game that requires some good timing because all bullets kill, especially the infantry, go figure, but still the stationary targets are a limit range and thus the key to victory.

Overall Ranking: 7

Its a great game and with a second player helping you out it takes the difficulty down a bit, but the game lacks replay value since it is pretty linear game.  Granted you have a two players going at the same time and cut down on the difficulty, but once you beat it though that is pretty much it.  Still if your a classic gamer and looking to play the classics then this is the game to play.

Now for that Catchy slogan–

“Games don’t get old, just people!”

–Now for some copyright info–

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