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Star Trek: Movie Review

8 May 2009 No Comment

st_comiccon_1sht_revJust got back from the movie of the YEAR!!  Yes that is right Star Trek is the movie of the year and I will place it in the top five movies of all time in the box office.  J.J Abrams has brought Star Trek franchise back to life with this movie and I smell quite a few sequels with him at the realm and with the new crew of Enterprise.  I won’t spoil the movie too much, but only going to mention one about the movie itself as a whole and so it is up to you to continue reading this review.

I may be come the most hated person, but this movie puts the previous 10 movies to shame, so much shame that Shatner is going to be rolling in his grave for not participating in this movie.  Like I said not only will this movie make $150 Million opening weekend, I hope this movie hits $200 million+.  Basically if the crowd I saw at the theatres tonight proves anything, I do not doubt it will crush Dark Knight numbers.

I will say this though, hardcore Trekkies will hate one thing about this movie, and that J.J Abrams created the biggest paradox to this movie ever.  So now the Star Trek war will start with that paradox between the Old School Trekkies and the New School Trekkies.  Now if that paradox ever gets fixed either in books or another movie, who knows, but odds are those fans will want it corrected.

As for the movie itself, it brought me to tears several times, and I would think if Gene Roddenberry were alive today and saw this movie, he would die a happy man.  With the use of 21st century technology, J.J has made the 23rd century look even better then anyone could imagine.  The acting better then Shatner’s pauses, the action better then The Next Generation, the raw emotion that has been brought out of this movie, no one but J.J could do this.  For anyone to hate this movie should be shot into space because giving it a bad review is like saying that I have no idea what I am talking about, bad example but if there are any flaws to this movie the are very few and if small.

Although seeing Star Trek on TV again is pretty much dead, I think at least four movies could come out of this with the new crew.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Kirk begin his war with the Klingons in the next movie, or to really make it interesting, get Kirk to go one on one with the Borg.  Of course, the Borg is unlikely to happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing an updated look to the Klingons that would be interesting to see if J.J gave them a new look.

So, I already mention my box office predictions and so all I will say is this, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

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