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Trap17/Computinghost/Xisto Hosting Review

2 May 2009 One Comment

xistocom-honesty-rocks-truth-rules-home_1241303930807In my many years of trying to look for a perfect web hosting company, I have tried many of them, mostly free but still a good hosting company. During those search I have notice out of those free web hosting companies most of them lack in several categories, space, bandwidth, language support (PHP, ASP, Ruby, CGI, PERL), community and staff support and stability. However, in the ending days of my tour in Iraq, I found a small little hosting company that was right up my alley, I found them because I wanted to get into PHP and so I made a few posts and that was it. Of course I wouldn’t come back until early 2005 once I was out of the Army that I would become a regular there and help making this hosting company a lot better.

In those 5 years, Xisto has done great things thanks to the community driven hosting websites such as Trap17 and Astahost, that have kept this company going. It has improved so much that the paid and free hosting services are integrated into one system and so you can get paid hosting or free hosting under the same account.  Although my connections to site hosting are pretty good, I know the owner and I am forum moderator, my review is straight honest, and you will see that towards the end when I talk about support.

As for the types of hosting plans there are many, if you would like a Linux hosting account you have 4 different packages to choose from, there are 3 different Windows hosting packages, 4 VPS hosting packages, 3 Reseller hosting packages, and some dedicate server packages as well. The best part is that each package is fully customizable in which you can have up to 25GB of space and 1TB of bandwidth, can have up to 999 MySQL DBS, shell access, parked/add-on domains, sub-domains, FTP accounts and more.

Of course, the prices are inexpensive if you get the default packages, but expect to pay more depending how customize your hosting package. On top of that, you can pay either yearly or monthly as what suit your best. As for payments, they accept Paypal, 2CheckOut, Bank Transfers ($100 or more) and CC gateway.  I have been talking about paid version of the hosting but as for getting it for free the process is quite simple, though it takes time. You earn credits (MyCents) by posting in the forums, you earn so much based on the quality of the post, and so a person could get the credits after spending a few hours posting on the forums. Usually it takes about 1-2 days to get your hosting once you submit the package but it is well worth the wait.

Of course, in order to keep your hosting you would have to post a few times a week, especially if you get the monthly hosting, but if you go yearly you can post a few times a month and by the time its ready to credit your account you should have the payment ready. However, since this is a community driven hosting you can post as much as you want and the only benefit for a forum member is knowledge and earning many MyCents to get that hosting.  Though I praise the hosting, the only downside is support, and the reason I say that is there is a very small support staff and so critical hosting problems might take a few days once you send a support ticket in. However, because of the forum community sometimes most of the problems can be fixed right then and there. Of course, there are times you have to wait patient as usually the problems are global and so everyone is suffering from them.

Though the support is not like godaddy with its 24/7 support, it does exist and the support team tries to fix the problems as quickly as they can. So sometimes, we veteran forum members get a bit cranky when members who barely join start complaining the moment their hosting goes down.  Being a hosting member requires patience because not all hosting is perfect as I bet GoDaddy and Hostgator have their flaws.  Even though what it lacks is important, anyone can get past that due to the fact the hosting goes a long time before suffering any down time. If there is any downtimes it rarely lasts long, but sometimes we do get those long hours. Either way, what keeps from going to any other host is the community and once you embrace that, then hosting becomes trivial afterward, especially once you get going with it.  Though it is a small hosting company it is by far better of the free hosting companies out there, that provide junk hosting packages and even oversell their products as well. So if you’re looking for free hosting Trap17 is the place to be and you feel confident enough about the hosting then go on to paid hosting at computinghost.com

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