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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Review

1 May 2009 One Comment

wolverine I will admit I saw the not finish product version of this movie just to see what I would expect of how much they did with the various characters.  Of course, I spent the $7.50 as well because I planned to the see the movie anyways and since this movie already tells something that most people already know I will spoil the heck out of it.  Before I begin though, I will say this, the movie was way to short for a Wolverine movie, they could have pushed it at least 2 hours and some changed, especially on the fight sequences.

First off, that Deadpool movie rumor, I like to see how they pull this off, but I am expecting since there there is a six year gap from when logan left the team to being found might make it possible.  However, obviously the ending will have to show him being caught and either killed off or turn into cough Weapon XI, cough.  That is the first thing they ruined in this movie, next Sabertooth being his brother, of course I can’t say that really ruined this movie, because I don’t know if they ever made that connection in the comics.

I was not to keen on cyclops being involved in this movie, but that is just me though, as for Gambit, they should have work on the Cajun accent a bit more for authenticity.  Of course, the real issue for me was the time, at one hour and 46 minutes, they rushed this movie and didn’t give much time with the other characters.  Thus the movie lack depth to these characters as well of which many people made obvious in their reviews and what not.

While I wouldn’t mind seeing a franchise of origin movies, they need to do more character depth, and if there is a planned sequel for a wolverine movie that is the area they need to work in.  Now lets talk box office, with the Swine flu going, the leaked movie and everyone seeing it.  I don’t see this movie making more then $100 million overall, with a weak box office of $10-$15 million this weekend.

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