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Associates Degree In Computer Systems Management

1 June 2009 One Comment

06011535 Well yesterday was the big day, I graduated from CCV with a Associates Degree in Computer Systems Management.  Although I have decided were I want to go and get my BA and possible Masters degree, I have to wait till the fall to start and so I got the whole summer off and the fun part is going to be finding work.  Hopefully I can get a few gigs at the Adobe users group tomorrow and try to earn some money as it will take about $42,000 to earn my BA and Masters in about 3 years.

as for the ceremony it went by quick for two hours, especially have three speeches, one of which was from Jim Douglas the governor of Vermont.  Of  course, he didn’t stay long as the students got their degrees and stuff.  I will say this though, the body guards were way to obvious, especially the one in that gray suit, dude look like he work for the mob and junk.  Although I did take a pic, it was a bad shot and he moved so you can’t really seem him and stuff.

Of course, the best part was I got to lead my town as we entered Shapiro Hall at the beginning of the ceremoney and stuff and so that was another highlight in my graduation and what not.  Hopefully this silly piece of paper will help me get some work now even though no one is hiring in this town that requires my skills and talents.  Of course, the interesting thing about that peice of paper is that it just says Associate of Science and not what I got it in and now I have to explain to everyone what I got it for.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen for my BA or my Masters.

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  • Phula said:
    **Opens a bottle of champagne** Congratulations Mike and I hope you get a job soon…

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