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ATM Machine’s: New Malware Threat?

9 June 2009 One Comment

atm-machine Back in the old days of ATM steal, it was a matter of shoulder surfing without getting caught and in most cases people got really good, while others made it to obvious.  As time went, technology became sophisticated and soon all you needed was a card reader, small cam, wireless connection and you waiting in the parking lot to steal those numbers.  So where am I going with this, well it seems a small group of people got smart and are going after the operating systems that are used to run these networked ATM machines all over the world.

With a combination of installing malware and using a master card to print out the info, ATM hackers have updated their tactics of scoring pin numbers and card numbers without having to use old school methods or make it look like someone is messing around with the ATM machine.

Why the concern, simple, the bank system are naive enough to believe someone wouldn’t get bored and start going after ATM Machines.  Most of us tech savvy people knew that ATM Machines are connected to a giant computer network, but to my surprise the actual operating system are not custom build, but rather ATM machines use the ever popular Windows operating system.  Obviously the operating system is completely stripped down to bare essentials like network protocols, but the question is how stripped down we are talking about?

Now I wouldn’t be surprise if  building an ATM Machine is a guarded secret, especially on the software and hardware, but if people are figuring these machines out they are either A. work in one of those ATM building factories or B.  They have actually stolen one and reversed engineer it and figured out how it works.  Personally I would go either way,  but I think it is time for the banking system to drop some of their billions down and update there systems ASAP or someone could get lucky and and hack there way into a few machines and make millions.

That’s if no one notice, but if your a person who uses a ATM on a daily basis you wouldn’t think much of it until your account is wiped clean.  So while banks need to step up their game because a government bailout won’t help once more and more ATM machines get infected.  Sure it maybe trivial now because its not happen to my bank, but lets be smart here people it will grow eventually and the biggest group of people that will be targeted will be the tourists and that is where most of the money is being made in all these tourist hot spots.

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