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British Hacker Using his Sickness To Stay Out Of Jail

9 June 2009 No Comment

pict100Three years ago, a British hacker got busted for hacking in to government computer systems, which include NASA, DOD and I believe the Pentagon as well.  His excuse, ” I was looking for UFO’s.”  Well three years later this guy is still fighting to keep himself from spending the rest of his life in a US prison, because if convicted he would be spending a good 70 years in prison for this hack job.  Since then he has been going through every legal loophole from spending the rest of his life in prison and so comes his latest attempt.  In which his lawyers are saying that because of his illness, which is Asperger’s syndrome, which is a form of autism.

His lawyers claim that because of his illness, he could at risk of suicide and mental illness.  Now here is my question, why didn’t you use this excuse at the beginning?  You could have saved yourself a lot of time by using your sick to keep yourself in London.  However, this is a last ditch effort and so to use it now wouldn’t sway the London court system because of the fact they approve of you being extradited to the U.S. long before you played the sick card.  As for the crime itself, lets be honest, him hacking various government network over that one year period is not the biggest hack of all time,  the TJ Max hack is one of the biggest by a large margin and so lets be honest about the sentence.

70 years is a bit too much, you might as well put him to death because that is what your doing to him with that kind of sentence.  Your treating this guy as a serial rapiest, serial murder and other crimes that would require such a sentence and just because it happen in 2001 the year of 9/11, I am surprised the US government had not label him a terrorist and saught after the death sentence.  At most, I would say 15 years, $5-$10 million in fines, and five year probation that includes not touching a computer.  Sure its still a bit severe but even then at least he won’t die in a prison with people who should be put to death.

Either way dude, your screwed, not even an act of Queen Elizabeth would keep you from going to U.S. and if you really think about it, 8 years would have done and over with and odds are your sentence would have been reduce by then.  Granted the trial wouldn’t be fair or not in your favor, but still with the time spent already and dealings with your lawyers they could have reduce that setence to something I just mention.

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