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Internet Explorer 8 Campaign

19 June 2009 4 Comments

microsoft-logoEven though I gave praise for Microsoft and its food campaign, it seems that the big headlines this week is the comparison Microsoft is making with Internet Explorer 8 and everyone else.  interestingly enough you be surprised by the results….ok not really but yeah IE8 wins in all the categories, shocking I know but at least Microsoft was gracious enough to give some ties with other browsers.

Security: First off, phishing and malware suck horribly on IE8, Firefox, Chrome and even Safari have better protection, especially with the use of sandboxing.

Privacy: A tad bit late on the privacy and just copying ideas from Google and then Modzilla with the secret browser mode.

Ease of Use: Lets be honest, Google’s Chrome is a lot easier to use then either of the browsers.  Granted there is a use for the right mouse key again, but still  to use the browsers effectively it requires a lot of right mouse clicking and thats if you have the extensions, plug-ins that require such right clicking.

Web Standards: Even though Microsoft finally caught up, everyone else is way ahead of them in keeping current with web standards and new technologies.

Developer Tools: The one time I agree with this, but only because they were smart enough to build in the tools.  Of course, the question is how does having those tools slow the loading of the browser and websites?

Reliability: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….I continue to the next one

Customizability: IE has something but still Firefox is still the most customizable browser in the world.

Compatibility: Microsoft, do you remember the first beta version of IE?  Thought so.

Manageability: Yeah because they are users and not the businesses, that is why those browsers are popular.

Performance: Last I heard it was Safari 4, Firefox 3.5, Chrome, Opera and then IE8 or Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera or Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.  Either way, IE is dead last.

So yeah, lets enjoy the wonder truth known as IE8 being the best.

Internet Explorer 8 Firefox Chrome Comments
Security Check Internet Explorer 8 takes the cake with better phishing and malware protection, as well as protection from emerging threats.
Privacy Check InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate Filtering help Internet Explorer 8 claim privacy victory.
Ease of Use Check Features like Accelerators, Web Slices and Visual Search Suggestions make Internet Explorer 8 easiest to use.
Web Standards Check Check Check Firefox and Chrome have more support for emerging standards like HTML5 and CSS3, but Internet Explorer 8 invested heavily in having world-class, consistent support for the entire CSS2.1 specification.
Developer Tools Check Check IE has an advantage here with great tools like HTML, CSS and Javascript debugging right in the box, along with Javascript profiling. Firefox has good tools available, but developers need to install them separately; Chrome lacks tools for debugging CSS and HTML.
Reliability Check Only Internet Explorer 8 has both tab isolation and crash recovery features; Firefox and Chrome have one or the other.
Customizability Check Check Check Sure, Firefox may win in sheer number of add-ons, but many of the customizations you’d want to download for Firefox are already a part of Internet Explorer 8 – right out of the box.
Compatibility Check Internet Explorer 8 is more compatible with more sites on the Internet than any other browser.
Manageability Check Neither Firefox nor Chrome provide guidance or enterprise tools.
Performance Check Check Check Knowing the top speed of a car doesn’t tell you how fast you can drive in rush hour. To actually see the difference in page loads between all three browsers, you need slow-motion video. This one’s also a tie.


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