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Jon & Kate Equals Morons

23 June 2009 One Comment

kate-jon-gosselin-g Although I tried to stay away from reality TV as much as possible, both in discussion it here or anywhere, but the big news and not much of a shocker, Jon and Kate are splitting up awwwww.  OF course, when I was talking to the misses this morning about her best description of me was “twisted happy” or something close to it.  Although I do not take joy in families breaking up, but I took joy in this because they deserve to get divorce and going through a messy divorce trial and the reason for that, stupidity, greed and lack of care for their children has lead them to this point.  On top of that I don’t feel sorry for them as we all know they cheated on each other, Jon with that “friend” and Kate with her bodyguard, deny it all you want, but once the cheating was found out your marriage was over.

On top of that they are the latest family to get destroyed by TV, Nick & Jessica, The Barkers, The Hogans and now Jon and Kate.  It is because of their stupidity and greed that I don’t feel sorry one bit for them, however, I know Jon is going to get screwed over big time by Kate as it is obvious she craves attention and with all 8 kids she is going to take as much money as she can from him.  So dude don’t plan to stay long in New York because once she destroys your character and manhood in court, you won’t be able to afford to live there anymore.

On top of that I have no doubt she is going to play the victim card on this and that she was forced by him to do this show or some other crazy stuff.  Best part to all this in the next few weeks all the  dirty laundry will be let out as both go at it and why should I care what they do, well you have 8 kids and granted those two made a lot of money and so those kids will be well taken financially.  However, emotionally and mentally, they be lucky to recover as those kids are old enough to see mommy and daddy and understand what is going and junk.

That is the other thing, who will take care of these kids once mommy and daddy start fighting on TV and in court and try to warp their minds and convince to say these things about the other.  Of course, if TLC is smart they cancel the show and cancel it now because I think the child abuse has lasted long enough.  Yeah, child abuse is kind of strong in this case as it wasn’t really evident in the show, but the exploitation of children is considered abuse and I obviously Blame TLC and Jon and Kate for doing this.

So let me reiterated, I do not feel sorry for either of these because the media will exploit them and their children until no one cares anymore.  Well I sure as hell don’t care, never did and never will.  Now, if they and that is a very big if, those two reconcile, unlikely, kudos for them.  Lets be serious though I have better odds becoming President in 4 years then those two getting back together.  So Jon and Kate, if your reading this I got two words for you, STUPID PEOPLE!!

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  • moogie said:
    Nope I don’t feel sorry for them, don’t feel sorry for either one of them. Anyone who puts their life, and that of innocent children, on public display for personal gain needs to seriously take a look at their ethics and values. I don’t care about Jon or Kate, but I hope those children come out of this whole and emotionally stable.

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