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Microsoft Donates Eight Meals For Each Internet Explorer 8 Download

19 June 2009 One Comment

microsoft-logo It would seem Christmas comes early this year and who do we thank for this Microsoft, and the question is why must there be something attach in order to help the needy?  Don’t get me wrong it is a great gesture and all, but shouldn’t a multi-billion dollar company being this already?

Heck the question is, why hasn’t a group of users download a few billion times and bankrupt Microsoft?  Of course, it would seem that added a time trial, just like their operating systems as it seems this charity event lasts from June 10 to August 8.  Still, you think the evil doers would try to download as many copies as they can just to stick it to Microsoft.

However,  you think other companies would do this as well, heck if Mozilla were to do this kind of program they would have to do it for only a day or two or end up going out business with all the downloads Firefox gets.  Still I still give credit to Microsoft and doing good for the world, even though you have to download a browser to help the hungry out.

So my recommendation, hate IE or love IE, download a few copies and help those who need a good meal to keep them going.

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