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Microsoft Sticks It to the European Union

30 June 2009 One Comment

microsoft-logo Who would have that after many years of lawsuits that Microsoft finally can screw over the European Union and get away with it.  It would seem that because EU cried for the removal of Internet Explorer from Windows 7.  So Microsoft complied and decided that since they had to remove IE8 from the operating system that they would double the price tag for Windows 7 over there.

Even though the actually title was something different, I had to change it because of how bad the title would have been.  Odds are most people already are thinking the same thing and that is what Microsoft has told the political leaders, lawyers, anti-trust regulators and judges.  However, if you read the article more you can see the excuse Microsoft is using and that is the fall of the dollar, but lets be honest we know Microsoft is screwing them over because of all the money they lost over there.

On the other hand, because of the yanking of Internet Explorer, it could cause some problems, because of the fact Microsoft doesn’t allow Upgrades for the EU users.  Of course, EU tried to force Microsoft to put up a little ballot screen to select the browser, but Microsoft says it wouldn’t do it because of problems it might cause.  Well I know one of the problems, Microsoft would have to split the profits between Firefox, Opera and Safari and you know they will not give their competition any money from their operating system.

Granted, a contract loophole could prevent it, but Microsoft would have ot be obligated to give a small percentage to their competition regardless if they are non-profit open source software.  However, EU cannot fight the price tag of that software or Microsoft could go after them.  However, I see a Windows 7E V2 coming out if Microsoft does lose that battle, but if you buy a PC with Windows 7 installed they it is on the PC makers to decide what browser to install.  Which is simple because you provide a CD or DVD with the browsers that can be installed or have them preinstalled, either way, Microsoft is sticking it to the EU and to everyone that should be obvious.

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