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Old School Review: Megaman 2

18 June 2009 One Comment

Though I was going to do all of these in just six days, stuff came up and had postponed my next game review of the Megaman franchise.  While it is raining and my sexy woman is singing to me I thought I would get the second game in.  Now if memory serves me correct, it does, this was the game that introduce me to the Megaman series and it was quite a difficult game, sure I finally found out the right order to beat each boss.  However, that doesn’t mean you  with like 3 units of energy by the time you get to them.

I do know I gotten to Quick Man on the NES, but as to how I can’t remember but I think I used the Game Genie but once I got to the Quick Man stage it was all downhill from there.  Sure I eventually knew that I needed to use the time freeze power to stop the lasers from blowing me up, but it was always the timing it right that got me.  Of course, now with an emulator and soem cheat codes and being able to save a slot, it was just a matter of getting it right and refilling to each part.

Mega Man 2

Some Screen Shots


Game Maker: Capcom

Year: 1988/89

Price: $40-$50 a game

Levels: 9 (Includes 6 sub levels that incudes fighting all 8 robots again )

Graphics: 8

Mini-Games: none

Difficulty: Back then 10 Now: 8

Game play:

Side scrolling run and jump action with special weapons


Dr. Wily is back, with eight new robot masters and so Megaman must prepare for the fight of the lift time as he gains new powers and new tools to defeat this evil scientist.

First Impressions:

It was one if not one of the hardest games during the day, especially the Quick Man level.  It was all about timing and skills in this game, especially with the Bubble Man and Air Man levels.  Better yet, the blocks from hell would return and present a bigger challange on the Heat Man stage as well.  So yeah I was pretty upset for most of the game and would be very upset if the boss got the killing blow on me and what not.  Never beat the game on the NES, I think I got to Dr. Wiley stage once and that was with a Game Genie and dumb luck.

21 years later:

Still one of the most recognizable games to this day, Megaman 2 is still a game worth playing as it presents many challanges and the ability to never play the same way twice.  Especially with the added difficulty level to make things worse for you and yes its a lot easier now to play with an emulator but still a challange if you play it straight and not save slot the game.  Of course, you can purchase it for the Playstation in the anniversary collection and I think you can download it through the PS3 as well.  So if you really want an old school challange then add this game to that list.

Overall Ranking: 10

Now for that Catchy slogan–

“Games don’t get old, just people!”

–Now for some copyright info–

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