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Run Firefox Like Chrome: Updated

16 June 2009 No Comment

firefox_ie_desktop_1280x1024-fullBecause of the Firefox Collections running at full blast, I thought I would start repackaging all the extensions I mentioned on either Trap17 or my blog.  Of course, after going through my extensions posts I realized that I would also have to repackage the Chrome extensions as well and so this is what today’s article is all about.

I had mentioned in a previous article how that was down, of course, I had missed one or two things and that was the Chrome Firefox theme.  So not only did I repackage the extensions and throw in some updated ones, I am also including the themes fore both Firefox 3 and Firefox 3.5 as well.  That way once you install the themes and extensions you have a somewhat of a clone of what Google Chrome looks like and so lets begin the downloads.

Run Firefox Like Chrome Package


Here is the Chrome Firefox these for both versions of Firefox to be used to mimic Chrome Layout.

Chromifox Basic Theme


Chromifox Extreme (Need Firefox 3.5 to run this theme)



Sorry for my readers, I realized that I had the wrong link when I caught it on another site.  So this is the correct download link for ChromeX.

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