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Trap17.com/Xisto Turns 5

12 June 2009 No Comment

high_voltage_birthday My home away from home, yesterday if a bit quiet, us forum members celebrated the fifth year of my hosting company Trap17.  Now why make a big deal about it, well I tell you why and the fact is that this forum filled in a large gap of loneliness.  Sure sounds a bit pathetic, but if you were my shoes in 2004 in Iraq can’t wait to get home and looking for a PHP host, then you will understand why I make it such a big deal.

Although my story starts in September, this little company has gone through a lot of changes, some small, some big, and even though a large portion of the members from 2004-2006 are gone and doing bigger and badder things, some of us remain.  I fall under the rare 2004 group of members still kicking around, and its funny, it took four years to get this site going.  Sure I have gone through many website designs to try to create my portfolio, sure I swore off blogging forever, heck I think I even sworn off spam (lol).

Either way, every time I woke up or came back from somewhere I would power up my laptop and head over to trap and like a binge drinker I be posting and posting until I could post no more.  Currently at 7,135 posts the most of either Trap17 or Astahost members, and of course you can see that in my many many oh so many Trap17 awards (cough**brag**cough).  For the most part though it for me to feel useful, especially with my computer skills and be able to help people with what I know.  Of course, it wasn’t til late 2006 early 2007 that my posting begin to explode and while under the old hosting credits system I was closing on 10 years of free hosting.

Granted I was stingy with my hosting credits, but I only gave them to members who actually needed them and not wanted something to get hosting.  Then of course there was the three major changes to how we could get free hosting, the first being the pay-per-post, which lasted to 2005 and then from 2005-late October of 2008 we had hosting credits, to which I think was one of the best systems set up.  Now of course we have Mycents, of which consolidated all of Xisto hosting properties together under one system and you could either pay in cash or pay from credits made through posting.

Lets just say, I don’t have to worry about anything for a long long time, what do you know 10 years, sweet (lol).  Although, Trap17 has slowed down a bit in terms of new members and actual good posts, people still come and still get hosting and I would like ot thank that small group of people, because in a way they kep me coming back for more on trap instead of giving up on it.  Of course, there is Opaque who I consider a close friend who has kept this site going for so long and of course the various mods and admin and staff who have worked at Trap17/Astahost/Xisto/Computinghost.  Especially Velma who kept everyone in check and made sure we didn’t suffer any down time with the account and of course putting up with me and my Scooby-Doo jokes and being able to help her around the forums as well being a middle man to some hosting accounts.

What will happen in the next 5 years?  Hard to say, though I have my thoughts and opinions on some idea, but those are kept to myself in respect to this little company and of course to all its members.


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