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War of The Operating System

17 June 2009 3 Comments

logo_collage This post is a bit out of the blue because it is referring to my blog stats.  I was looking at the various operating systems being used to visit my site and I have to say that those are some very interesting stats.    In all I have about 27 different operating systems with various sub-type operating systems (Playstation 3, Wii) visiting my website and reading my various articles and what not.  So what is the point of this article?  Well I wanted to show you how varied we still are even though we are in the 21st century and yet we still use archaic machines and operating systems.

These stats are based off the last seven months or since I started my back in December, the interesting part was how quickly every single operating system Microsoft has to offer is there.  Ten operating systems in all and although it says just Windows I wouldn’t be surprise if it was Windows 3.1.  Then of course the various BSD, Unix, Linux operating systems as well, but what interested me the most is the gaming consoles that have seen my website.  Sure it is only ten hits, it still interesting what people use to view websites and of course that makes me wonder ho others are viewing the Internet these days.

I know viewing websites over the phone has exploded in recent years, especially with the .mobi domain, designing WAP sites and by looking at my stats you can see that as well.  As for the  video game systems, I think it was a few months after the PS3 came out that it was possible to install XP and a Linux operating system on there and it ran pretty smoothly as well.  Although, I have a PS3 I never tried it out, although I would need is a USB keyboard that the PS3 can recognize and go on my merry way.  However, since I have a laptop and a desktop there was no sense in wasting hard drive space for an operating because odds are in order for me to wiped the OS off the Playstation I would have to delete all my games and saved data and stuff.  Sure I just load it to the USB drive and call it a day, but I would need one of those very large USB drives to hold all that data.

Now to get on topic for a bit, it was last year that Microsoft said it would finally end all things Windows 95, even though it was mostly support, and on top of that everything including their mothers said that it would be computer suicide to run anything older then XP.  Due to the fact that Windows 2000/NT updates had ended in 2007 I believe.  So any viruses, trojans, crashes, loss of data, your pretty much on your on and what not.  The funny part to this though is that since vista came out Microsoft was going end support for XP in 2009/2010, but after a few months of running Windows ME ie Vista, Windows XP has saw the biggest support that no one could ever imagine, even from those who thought it was time for a new Microsoft OS.  So Microsoft was smart and pushed to support to in 2013/14 and on top of that they been cranking out Windows 7 just because of the backlash and hopefully Windows 7 will be the new XP and correct all the mistakes system wise that Vista made.

Of course, another interesting thing started happening and that was open source world saw the biggest increase ever in both software and operating systems.  So because of that huge surge in popularity and the constant lawsuits, Microsoft has become very threaten and so they started attacking the open source community with their own lawsuits and own threats.  However, those didn’t last long as no one budge from their actions, but became even stronger after PC makers started shipping computers with Ubuntu or Fedora operating systems instead of Windows XP/Vista.

To conclude though its the diversity of the technology that makes things possible, because without that diversity we wouldn’t have battles at such gigantic scale and yours truly wouldn’t be talking about such things.


Windows XP 24186
Windows Vista 5403
Mac OS X 4462
Windows 2000 2169
Windows Server 2003 1001
Ubuntu Linux 745
Windows NT 4 718
Linux 709
Windows 98 324
Windows ME 183
Debian Linux 154
iPhone 108
Windows 95 102
Mac 62
Windows CE 37
Suse Linux 31
BlackBerry 27
Windows 19
FreeBSD 14
Sun Solaris 13
Playstation 3 8
Symbian 6
Adobe AIR 2
Nintendo Wii 2
iPod 2
SGI Irix 1
OpenBSD 1


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